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Clicking ‘Send’

I love the wonderful feeling of finishing a job, the liberation of clicking Send. When it’s too late to nit-pick any more, and I can stop doing my head in looking for precisely the right word for ‘desarrollo’ when ‘development’ … Continue reading

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Becoming a real translator

I’d already been working as a translator for more than ten years when I decided it would be a good idea to become an intérprete jurada. I didn’t really need this qualification to translate the typical contracts, annual accounts and … Continue reading

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Only three weeks to go

Yes, just three weeks to go before Dave retires and we close the restaurant. The end of an era. It’s very gratifying when customers say “You can’t close! What are we going to do without you?” but I keep thinking … Continue reading

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Working from home

I work from home. Home’s a great place to work, you can stumble out of your bed and work in pyjamas if you want to, you can stop for a sandwich whenever you feel like it, and if you start … Continue reading

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Time and Motion Study

I’m keeping a record of how much time I actually spend working. This is because I’m doing a revision, and I charge by the hour instead of by the word. So I need to know how long I actually spend … Continue reading

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There was a nice juxtaposition of headlines the other day in “El Pais” on-line. Translated, they read: “Rajoy, perplexed by the markets’ lack of support” Underneath is a photo of Rajoy pensively stoking his beard, with his sidekick Soraya Sáenz … Continue reading

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