I’ve lived in Spain for the past thirty-something years, most of it as a freelance translator, first in Madrid and now in a village in the middle of nowhere, from which I sometimes need to escape.

We came to Madrid in 1980 when David got a job teaching in an international school. I started out dealing with the English correspondence for a firm of Peruvian lawyers and giving English classes. Two children and a couple of career changes later, we now live in a tiny village, where my ex-teacher husband decided to take on the local bar and then opened a restaurant. That kept him out of trouble for 16 years, but he has now retired. He’s still trying to decide what to do with all the unaccustomed free time, but in the meantime he makes my lunch and looks after the plants. If he gets bored, he comes and waves at me through the office window.

Now I’m no longer a reluctant part-time waitress, accountant, laundrywoman and shopper for the restaurant I too have more time for other things, this blog being one of them.

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