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Bailout? What bailout?

I don’t often stray beyond my own little world on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice what’s going on around me. At least when I’m brave enough to take my head out of the sand for long … Continue reading

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There was a nice juxtaposition of headlines the other day in “El Pais” on-line. Translated, they read: “Rajoy, perplexed by the markets’ lack of support” Underneath is a photo of Rajoy pensively stoking his beard, with his sidekick Soraya Sáenz … Continue reading

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There was an English guy in front of me in the chemist’s the other day, struggling to make himself understood. “What’s this say?” he asked the chemist, pointing at his prescription. The chemist looked blank. “Quiere saber que dice,” I … Continue reading

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