Choosing a name

I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m hoping it will give be my New Project. I’ve got the name, after rejecting ‘Word for Word’ (too literal) and ‘Lost for Words’ (definitely don’t want to give that impression). ‘The Greeks have a word for it’ didn’t seem very appropriate either, since I translate from Spanish.

Anyway, I don’t spend my entire life translating, although it sometimes it feels like it, and I might want to write about something else. I keep thinking, rather childishly, ‘I’m a grown-up, I can write what I like’. No teachers are going to scrawl “O. the P.” in the margin in red ink. That’s Off the Point, in case you’re wondering.

‘A Spy in the House of Words’ just slid into my mind when I’d given up trying to think of a name and was off doing something else, I can’t remember what. I liked it, so thought someone else would have a blog of that name already, but they hadn’t. Finally! Now all I have to do is assemble some of the vague ideas floating around in my head and beat them into submission. I may be gone some time.

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